Baloc, Altitude tracking - LifeView

Continuos altitude and positon estimation

Baloc tracks and vizualize your altitude profile and your traveled route on the map, while keeping you informed with additonal statistics. Perfect for activities like as hiking, mountaineering, jogging, road/mountain biking or motorcycling. No account needed. No data upload required.

Baloc, Altitude accuracy

Interactive evaluation of measurements on your iPhone or iPad

For accurate altitude determination, Baloc uses a combination of different sensors* on your device to accurately determine your altitude. The resulting data allows for more accurate positioning, even in case of temporarily missing or bad GPS signal.

*A barometric sensor is required for barometric measurements. All newer Apple devices have such a sensor. Position and altitude data based on the GPS signal are recorded in any case.

Baloc, Apple Watch support

Supports your Apple Watch & Apple Health

If you own an Apple Watch, you can start and stop the measurement directly from your Watch. You also get some statistics of your current activity at a glance. We are happy if you use Baloc regularly. Therefore, to quickly start Baloc on your Watch, you can add a shortcut to Baloc directly on your watch face.

Baloc, offline use and icloud sync

Offline use or iCloud sync

We have deliberately decided against any form of analysis or transmission of your usage or location data. By default, your data is stored exclusively on your device (iPhone or iPad). At your request, you can share the recordings with all your devices via your personal iCloud or use the iCloud as a backup. Thus, we do not make money by selling user data.

Baloc, Explore photos

Explore photos of your adventure

Automatically displays all of your photos taken during your activities and locates them on the map. The best way the remember great trips or to come back to your favourite spots. Baloc also considers geotagged photos that have been taken with your camera and imported into Apple Photos.

Baloc, Share image of activity

Share an image of your activity

Sharing is caring. To keep your family and friends as well as your social networks up to date, you can create a picture of your activity. Here you can use an overview map of the measurement or a picture or photo from your photo album.

Baloc, Data export

Share and export your measurement data

You can share the recorded data directly with other apps or send it to friends (as long as they support .gpx import). Of course, the file export also allows further analysis and data processing of your measurements outside of iOS. For the data export, you have the option to choose between the optimized elevation profile and the pure GPS data.

Baloc, Background use

Dark-mode and background use

Precise tracking takes place even when you switch apps and Baloc works in the background. This way you can record your activity while using another app for navigation or special maps in parallel.

Privacy Policy of Baloc App

Your privacy is of high value. We try to collect as little data as possible. In the following we listed the data we might collect during running of the Baloc App.

  • Healthdata

    Baloc supports sharing your meaurements/trainings with Apple Health and Apple Fitness. Your are also able to display your heart rate on your Apple Watch. For this features, Baloc may ask for the following permissions during the course of usage of the app: reading your active calories burned and read/write data for trainings and read your heart rate. Baloc fully works without enabeling this features.

  • Photoslibrary

    Baloc offers the possibility to automatically search for photos taken during your activity to display them on the map. Therefor Baloc may ask for the following permissions during the course of using the app: Access your photo library. If your don't feel comfortable to grant access to your photo library, Baloc still works without this feature.

  • Locationdata

    For tracking of your position and altitude, Baloc may ask for the following permissions during the course of usage of the app: data access of your device location and motion data.

  • Contact

    When contacting us via e-mail, your email address and name might be transmitted. You are able to see the information that are send to us.

  • iCloud Sync

    It is your choice to sync and backup your data using your private Apple iCloud. This data cannot be accessed by anyone else than you. Platform services and hosting is performed by Apple. For more information please see Apple ID & Privacy.

  • Failure analysis

    Infrastructure monitoring like crash analysis is done using iOS features without using external frameworks and helps us improving the app. If you don't want to share crash reports and app metrics, please refer to Apple instructions.

  • Purchases

    If you decide to support us via in-app purchases the payments are processed and handled via the Apple App Store.