Frequently asked questions

Even if we tried to make Baloc intuitive, there might be some situation where you need help. Therefore, we collected the questions that come up from time to time in the following. If your question could not be answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Why no photos are shown on the map even though if I took some during the activity?

Baloc uses informations contained in your photos to understand which photos belong to your activity. Therefore, only photos taken within the time frame of your measurement are displayed. If you have disabled access to your location for the Camera app, this information are missing and no photos are shown. If you want to view photos of your next trips, you need enable location access for the Apple Camera app in your iPhone's privacy settings. If you are using an external camera (e.g. DSLR, DSLM), make sure that your camera's timezone (daylight saving time/winter time) matches your activity and that you have added location data to your photos via external tools.

Does Baloc work in every country?

The sensor data and evaluation algorithms are not limited to a specific country. Therefore, you should have the same experience regardless of where you are.

Why can't I see the map when I'm on vacation?

Quick note beforehand: Regardless of whether a map is displayed or not, your measurements are always recorded and saved, as all our algorithms only work on your device and do not require internet access. Nevertheless, map data may not be displayed at a location if you have never been in the area or have not been there for a while and no map data has been downloaded from an Apple Maps yet. Apple Maps itself optimizes the storage and updating of map data on your device to minimize the amount of storage space required. Depending on your network access, this data is automatically downloaded as fast as possible when needed.

How to change the name or activity type?

You can use the three dots button next to each measurement to change the name of your measurement. When editing is activated, a menu to select between different activity types will appear.

Why does my measurement not fully synchronize?

The synchronization with the iCloud is managed by Apple and depends, among other things, on the current data throughput on the Apple servers. Therefore, it can happen that the measurement is not completely synchronized directly, especially during longer measurements. However, if you keep the Baloc app open on your two devices for a few minutes, the measurement should also appear completely on your second device.